MTRC 2020/21 European Market Access Survey
Anonymous survey to evaluate key developments in the field of European Med Tech market access in 2020 and key expected changes in 2021. Participants get summary report for free

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MTRC, a market leader in reimbursement analytical services for medical device and IVD tests in Europe, initiates an annual anonymous survey of its customers to evaluate the key developments in the field of market access in 2020 and key expected changes in 2021.

The survey is organized around 15 questions, and it takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. It is limited only to representatives of medical devices and IVD industry. Please, note that our team might reach out to you in case some clarifications are required based on your answers.

The survey will be performed until January 31, 2021.

Once MTRC collects all responses, it will perform a review and develop a summary report in one month. MTRC will base the report both on the information collected in the survey and also based on its in-house knowledge. MTRC's usual sources of information are its subscription services (HTA Alerts and Reimbursement Alerts), in which more than 90 reimbursement and HTA stakeholders are screened for developments every two weeks and project work.

The summary report will be provided for free for all participants. For other clients, it will be available at cost. Please, note that MTRC will not share information about individuals who contributed to the survey in the report; the names of contributors will not be disclosed.

Benefits of participation in the survey:

  • Obtaining summary of key Med Tech reimbursement developments in 2020 and 2021 from industry peers
  • Validation of the information about key developments with the market leader in Med Tech consultancy, MTRC

If you are interested in participating in the survey, please, press the button below, which will take you to the dedicated website.

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About MTRC
A boutique market access consultancy with a specialization in Med Tech and analytical services
15 out of top-30 global Med Tech companies routinely use reimbursement services of MTRC

Coverage of 19 European markets with consulting services

>130 reimbursement projects per year

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