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Monitoring of medical literature and clinical guidelines, data extraction and analysis

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Medical technology companies have broad and diverse needs in continuous analysis and monitoring of medical information. This can be a laborious and time-consuming process.

MTRC offers support with monitoring of medical information and/or clinical guidelines, data extraction from identified relevant sources and analysis (if relevant).

Identified information can be stratified into different domains (e.g., epidemiology, clinical effectiveness, health economics).

Outsourcing monitoring and analysis of medical literature to MTRC can make substantial savings and free up resources for higher-complexity activities by market access, clinical affairs, and other functions internally.

Information can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Inform development and update of value dossier, HTA dossier, marketing materials
  • Inform clinical development strategy for the technology
  • Building newsletter or educational resources focused on clinical community
  • Staying up to date about the state of development of research in a particular clinical field

Search is performed primarily in the largest databases of medical publications, Medline and Medline In-Process.

Articles are typically delivered in the form of repositories in MS Excel and MS Word (abstracts of identified articles, clustered by the domain).

Articles and repositories are typically provided to the client monthly.

Examples of topics for monitoring
  • All publications concerning a particular procedure
    For example, robotic gastrointestinal surgery or bariatric surgery
  • Clinical guidelines in a particular clinical field
    For example, clinical guidelines in the field of heart failure or COPD
  • Publications of a particular type
    For example, patient surveys, registry studies and health economic evaluations in heart failure in Europe or the USA

Processing of the data
Depending on the client needs, MTRC can process the information in the following ways
Classification into particular pre-specified domains
Domains (e.g. epidemiology, effectiveness, health economics) are agreed in advance with a client
On-demand data extraction
Extraction of specific information
On-demand analysis
Specific analysis of the data

Potential domains for classification
  • 1
    Prevalence and incidence of disease
  • 2
    Clinical effectiveness and safety
  • 3
  • 4
    Overview of clinical practice
  • 5
    Patient surveys
  • 6
  • 7
    Budget impact
  • 8
    Quality of life
  • 9
    Clinical guidelines
  • 10
    Health and healthcare need assessment

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