Cost analysis for health economic modelling
Cost analysis to support development or adaptations of the health economic models in 19 European countries

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Cost analysis is an essential part of any economic analysis for medical technologies of medicinal products.

Cost data are obtained from two sources: from the published literature and the reimbursement documentation.

MTRC offers the highest quality of cost analysis to support the development of the models or adaptation of the models, based on the extensive experience with coding and reimbursement in the hospital and ambulatory sector of 19 European countries.

Also, MTRC can perform the complete adaptation of the model to the settings of other European countries.

How it works
Exact understanding of the objective and the audience of the model is required as well as the details of the procedure and the perspective of the analysis
Literature search
Systematic literature search is performed in Medline, Medline In-Process and NHS Economic Evaluation Database. All decisions for selection of articles are documented. Preference is given to the cost studies using the right perspective (hospital, health care system, societal)
Micro-costing and obtaining tariffs
When cost data are not available, a micro-costing approach is used. In some cases, reimbursement tariffs are obtained using the official reimbursement sources and MTRC Good Clinical Coding Practice
Literature search for epidemiological and quality of life data (optional)
If required, MTRC can perform a complete model adaptation, including the literature search for epidemiological and quality of life data, run the analysis
Writing the report
MTRC prepares the report in the required format

Key benefits
Pan-European support
Analysis in 19 EU countries by the same vendor. Save money and time
Specialized clinical coding provider
MTRC has one of the largest clinical coding groups in European consulting industry
Well-document decisions and report
Details of literature search, selection criteria, coding scenarios are documented to support publications and HTA submissions

Our services cover 19 European countries including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey

Our publications
Our team has in-depth understanding of the requirements for cost analysis to support publications in peer-reviewed journals, HTA and reimbursement submissions in Europe
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MTRC has unique insights into economic evidence requirements of European reimbursement and HTA organizations
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Syndicated report (>100 pages) with the overview and statistics of key innovation funding and coverage with evidence development schemes in seven European countries
Syndicated report on HTA landscape and all published non-drug HTAs in Europe in 2018, including medical devices and procedures, in-vitro diagnostic tests and e-health solutions

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